Hi! I’m Sara. I write code and play with spatial data.

A code-tinkerer and geo-nerd at heart, I've spent nearly a decade working near the intersection of programming and all things geospatial. I'm especially passionate about Python, open source software, and building a better developer experience.

I've been called a GeoHipster, and in 2017 I was voted the international FOSS4G community's Most Innovative Developer.

I'm a huge advocate for building inclusive, friendly tech communities. Over the years I've organized a bunch of local tech groups, including Austin Open Source GIS, MaptimeATX, and PyLadiesATX. I've also helped organize conferences like FOSS4G North America, GeoRodeo and AlterConf.

I'm a fan of telling people about all the things I'm interested in, and teaching learners new to programming, spatial data, or both: see the Speaking page for more.

Currently I'm an engineer at Planet, where I create tools that help developers, data scientists, and geo-people do amazing things with daily satellite imagery. If you'd like to get in touch, send me an email!